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It’s all about the mission! In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, nonprofit agencies have struggled to keep up with fundraising that they rely on for funding their programs. While some agencies have had limited success with virtual fundraising campaigns, others have had to curtail programs at a time when demand for services is increasing. In response, nonprofit agencies are looking for ways to reduce expenses. One option is using cooperative purchasing programs such as Sourcewell*.


Sourcewell combines the buying power of more than 50,000 governmental, education, and nonprofit organizations, and holds hundreds of competitively solicited cooperative contracts ready for use. This means that the contracts have already gone through a competitive soliciting process, which is a requirement for many nonprofits. Negotiated contract discounts vary by contract but can be significant. Membership is free.

Product and service categories include office supplies, furniture, computers, etc. Many are also valuable to your safety program such as telematics, personal protective equipment, safety signage and more.

Examples of Risk Control related products and services include:

  • Telematics – Using GPS equipped devices, telematics can identify at risk driving behavior such as speeding, hard cornering, hard braking and other events with real time notification. It can also notify you if there is a collision or if a vehicle is outside an assigned area. Other benefits include improved route planning, maintenance, and fuel savings.
  • Fire, Life Safety & Security – Installation, inspection, testing and monitoring of fire alarm, detection and suppression systems. Also, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and security systems.
  • Health and Wellness – Services include health and wellness coaching programs, drug and alcohol testing, personal protective equipment and first aid supplies.
  • Slip, Trip & Fall Prevention – Related products include snow removal equipment, slip resistant flooring, entry floor mats, signage and floor maintenance supplies.

Members may also be able to reduce their total cost of risk by using Sourcewell after a loss. This is through negotiated contracts helping to reduce the total loss amount. Examples include generators, HVAC equipment, flooring, furniture, office equipment, and pre-engineered buildings. Sourcewell also offers contractor services such as demolition, general contracting, concrete, electrical, HVAC/mechanical, painting, and roofing through their ezQC program.

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*Berkley Human Services has no affiliation with Sourcewell. This information is being shared to help lower overall costs which helps increase funding to programs and services. It is entirely up to the client to decide if Sourcewell is right for them with any purchase, including those involving a Berkley Human Services claim.

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