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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Riverport Insurance Services, a Berkley Company, announced today that it is changing its name to Berkley Human Services effective July 1, 2017.  The name change is part of a rebranding effort that reflects the operating unit’s specific focus and commitment to the human service market and makes more visible its affiliation with Berkley, an insurance group that is among the largest commercial lines writers in the United States.

Berkley Human Services is an insurance provider dedicated to providing customized, comprehensive insurance solutions and outstanding personalized service exclusively to human service organizations.  As an operating unit of Berkley, Berkley Human Services is able to access the resources of a large corporation while providing the focus, expertise and personal service of a smaller specialty organization.

“Our name change demonstrates to our employees, producer partners and our clients what we do every day:  Focus and specialize on the needs of those who work in the Human Services industry,” said Roger Nulton, president of Riverport Insurance Services.  Mr. Nulton added “You will begin to see changes as we rebrand our website, logo, emails and policy documents.  What isn’t changing is our endless desire to provide you the very best expertise, service, products and people to meet your needs.”

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