Preparing for a Hurricane

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Hurricanes can be one of the most dangerous natural disasters. About a month into the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season (June 1-November 30), it is predicted to be a busy one1. To help prepare your nonprofit or Human Services organization below are some tips and resources. Remember planning before a storm is the best way to be prepared.


  • Develop a plan: Identify your organizations risk and vulnerabilities. Create a plan to address those areas, and a step-by-step process that you will follow in case of an emergency.
  • Create a business continuity plan: How will you keep providing your invaluable services in case of a hurricane?
  • Inform stakeholders: Ensure the necessary stakeholders know of the plans and their role in case of an emergency.


  • Always follow local and state evacuation orders, and stay safe


  • Be wary of flood water! Remember as little as 6 inches of flood water can knock over an adult. Turn Around Don’t Drown
  • Implement your plans: Building safety, business continuity and, if necessary, crisis communication
  • Clean your home and business safely and remember to take care your emotional health as well.


Below are a variety of resources to help you prepare and stay safe during a hurricane or tropical storm.



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