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We read and hear about Social Service funding declines almost on a daily basis. Government funding is becoming more and more difficult for many social agencies. Government shutdowns, budget cuts, and more stringent guidelines are contributing mightily to these difficulties.

Many, if not most, of Berkley Human Services’ (BHS) insureds rely on government funding to assist them in paying bills, maintaining buildings, managing payroll and simply making ends meet. While, BHS would prefer to receive payment in full from our insured within thirty days of the Policy Effective Date, we recognize our valued customers’ financial restrictions and the need to accommodate our insureds by offering flexible payment plans. Our payment plans are intended to smooth out one of the insured’s many expenditures over the life of the policy. Some of the Installment Plans we offer include:

Berkley Human Services Payment Plans

For those choosing the installment route, there is a $5 service fee per installment payment after the initial payment. Berkley Human Services currently accepts checks and electronic payments. In the future, we will be setting up an automatic withdrawal and web based payment option.

There are situations, however, that even our flexible payment options will still not suffice.  In those circumstances, Premium Finance Companies can be utilized.  To finance a premium, the insured requesting insurance must sign a premium finance agreement with the premium finance company. The loan arrangement may last from one year to the life of the policy. The premium finance company then pays the BHS and bills the individual or company, usually in monthly installments, for the cost of the loan.

To expedite the receipt of your payment, please include the Policy Number with your payments.  In the future should you have any billing questions, please feel free to utilize the following contact information:

  • Monitored Inbox – [email protected]
    • Please reference insured’s policy number
    • Rachel 612-766-3377 (Primary Contact)
    • Johanna 612-766-3307 (Secondary Contact)

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