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Berkley Human Services is passionate about serving those who serve others, and value the trust that we have earned from our many long term customers. The Nonprofit Highlights blog is dedicated to the mission and purpose of our partnering agencies and organizations. This month we are featuring The Bolton Foundation Throw Down.

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Bolton Foundation Throw Down

Berkley Human Services employeesThe 2019 Bolton Foundation Throw Down gathered over 160 team to the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, CA to play in the annual cornhole fundraising tournament. Over $180,000 was raised to support future Bolton Foundation Beacons and provide smaller donations to select nonprofits throughout the year. A Beacon is a nonprofit that’s been selected for its philanthropic efforts within the community.

The Bolton Foundation works to empower those who serve others by providing grants to local nonprofit organizations that address community development, education, youth services and multiculturalism within local communities.

“The Throw Down continues to grow as the primary fundraising opportunity that supports these ideas, and we’re beyond grateful for its success.”

Bolton Throw Down in the Rose Bowl stadiumSteve Brockmeyer, Bolton President and CEO, commented, “The idea of giving back to the community is something that’s been in our company’s DNA since it was established, and it continues to be something our employees take very seriously. The Bolton Foundation was launched to provide our employees volunteer opportunities and empower deserving nonprofits with grants. The Throw Down continues to grow as the primary fundraising opportunity that supports these ideas, and we’re beyond grateful for its success.”

Jake Reis, who attended this year’s Bolton Foundation Throw Down on behalf of Berkley Human Services along with three other employees, commented on the company’s continued dedication to supporting nonprofits and their insureds, “For three decades, Berkley Human Services has been dedicated to delivering unique risk transfer solutions to nonprofits. By partnering with the Bolton Foundation and participating in the Thrown Down, we are able to give back to our insureds in a direct and meaningful way. We look forward to continued support of this wonderful cause.”

Bolton Throw Down cornhole board with bean bags and BHS logo on the boardBerkley Human Services was excited to be a sponsor for the 2019 Bolton Foundation Throw Down and looks forward to supporting this and other future events that raise money and highlight nonprofits.

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