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In today’s world, cash is becoming less and less prevalent. Debit and Credit Cards, Electronic Fund Transfers, PayPal, Venmo and Bitcoin have replaced paper money. Taps, inserting chips, swipes and three-digit security codes have nearly replaced cash, coins and cashiers audibly counting out a customer’s change. The ever popular, nasally, “Enhh, enhh, enhh” sound emitting from a credit card acceptance machine, the adding to a “cart,” promo codes and the desire for next day shipping have replaced, waiting in lines, and the pleasant “ding” of a cash register bell. If you carry cash in a wallet these days you have nearly entered “mothball or nerd” status. As the Blacked Eyed Peas (who?) once said, that’s so 2008.

Many consumers enjoy the ability to pay via their laptops and mobile devices. The holiday season experienced billions of dollars in online transactions. Cyber Monday has become as much, if not more popular than Black Friday. Amazon, FedEx and UPS vans flood our neighborhoods almost daily. And, there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.

Berkley Human Services recognizes this trend, and we recognize that it is now a consumer expectation to be able to pay online. Our Innovation team, along with the accounting department, have investigated and are excited to announce the introduction of electronic pay into our business. We recognize the convenience consumers enjoy with online bill pay and are excited to offer our customers that option. Berkley Human Services’ customers can now pay their bill online using Biller Direct with a checking or savings account. We will, however, still accept checks from customers who pay their bill by mail. Looking to the future, our hope is to expand the premium electronic capabilities to claims settlements.

As Berkley Human Services continues to evolve, we will look into different forms of payment delivery methods. Our intention is to establish an easy to use, hassle free customer experience. Whether it be online, mobile, telephone, ACH or lock box, it’s important to us to offer our customers different payment platforms to provide you the type of payment experience you desire.

To Pay Online Follow These Instructions

  1. Go to and click “Pay Online”
  2. Enroll with your Account Number and Zip Code, found on page 1 of your billing statement. You can also make a one-time payment.
  3. Set up your User ID, Password and Checking or Savings account information.
  4. IMPORTANT: Before you can begin paying online, click “Activate Now” in the enrollment confirmation email.