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Hurricane Florence is approaching!!

With the potential for damaging winds and water, it is imperative that you and your business are protected.

Please take some time to review the following suggestions for protecting and mitigating the impact of this storm.

Planning :

  • Review property insurance with the company’s insurance agent concerning the hazards of a hurricane.
  • Determine and establish written hurricane protective procedures for the business property and its contents.
  • Inform key employees or essential staff of their specific responsibilities under the established hurricane procedures.
  • If appropriate, establish an employee training program concerning your hurricane procedures.
  • Specify conditions under which hurricane protective procedures may be implemented.
  • Determine and acquire emergency protective equipment and supplies (e.g., heavy plastic sheeting, duct tape, masking tape, sandbags, emergency generator, storm shutters, chain saw, large pieces of plywood, hand tools and other essential items).
  • Appoint an individual and designate an alternate to implement hurricane protective procedures.
  • Establish plans for the protection of computer files (e.g., a backup system to secure data and safe storage).
  • If appropriate, develop a system for the identification of employees (g., I.D. cards, vehicle permits, badges, etc.).
  • If appropriate, inform all employees on when and how they will be notified to report back to work.

Website and Social Media Help Kit 


  • Monitor a local radio or television station for official emergency information and instructions.
  • Take photographs or video of business establishment inside and out, from all angles.  This will help to substantiate insurance claims later.
  • Assemble insurance policies and financial records necessary to expedite quick settlement of claims; package in waterproof container.
  • Make arrangements to pay employees, preferably in cash, as it may be some time before banking institutions are operational
  • Implement hurricane protective procedures as conditions warrant.

Building Exterior:

  • Clean drains, gutters and downspouts of the buildings.
  • Remove antennas or loose objects from the roof.
  • Bring in display racks and other objects usually left outside.  Secure all loose objects, such as trash cans, which might cause damage during strong winds.
  • Remove outdoor signs, especially those that swing or are portable.
  • If building has exterior glass frontage, clear out that section of the building as much as possible and use shutters or board up to protect glass.   If you have no shutters or boards, strong masking or duct tape may be used. Tape in an “X” fashion on the inside of the glass to reduce shattering.

Building Interior:


  • Move goods, equipment or furniture away from windows and skylights to avoid water damage.
  • Clear all desk and table tops of small loose objects.
  • Take down all loosely secured pictures, plaques, etc.
  • Box or place in desk drawers or storage cabinets any loose papers, books, hanging plants, etc.
  • Relocate files, boxes, computers, office machines and other equipment to the innermost portion of the building.

NOAA weather radio:


  • Use a NOAA weather Remember to replace its battery every 6 months, as you do with your smoke detectors.
  • Monitor storm progress by watching or listening to local news broadcasts.

Berkley Human Services is dedicated to your safety and the protection of your business, assets and reputation.

Stay safe and be assured that BHS will be ready to assist in your time of need.


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