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Background and Fleet Record Checks

IntelliCorp is pleased to offer Berkley Human Services clients the tools to help make responsible and informed hiring decisions. Our comprehensive background check services let you screen applicants to help minimize risk and determine the quality of your new hires and drivers.

An easy-to-use interface provides you with quality and validated criminal results at discounted prices. Experience the difference of our support capabilities, which includes personalized customer service, training, and compliance. You also get the advantage of streamlined processes and paramount privacy and security when it comes to protecting sensitive information. IntelliCorp is a Verisk Analytics company, and has earned formal accreditation through the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

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1-800 Driver Monitoring

Berkley Human Services has contracted with SafetyFirst to provide its Safe Driver Monitoring Program FREE of charge to all qualifying policyholders with fleets of 15 or more trucks or vans.
How it works:

  • The SafetyFirst Enrollment Coordinator explains the Program to qualifying policyholders, handles registration, confirms vehicle schedules, and ships decals for installation on policyholder vehicles
  • Decals with SafetyFirst’s toll free number are affixed to the policyholder’s vehicles
  • Welcome call from SafetyFirst on how to introduce the Program to drivers and affected managers
  • Calls received about policyholder’s drivers are fielded promptly by SafetyFirst with fast turnaround to policyholder including incident reports and driver “coaching sheets”
  • Customized reports are sent to designated directors, managers, and supervisors
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