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Berkley Human Services is passionate about serving those who serve others, and value the trust that we have earned from our many long term customers. The Nonprofit Highlights blog is dedicated to the mission and purpose of our partnering agencies and organizations. This month we are featuring Higginbotham.

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Higginbotham Community Fund check to Jr. AchievementBerkley Human Services would like to congratulate Higginbotham for being named 2019 Overall Best Independent Insurance Agency to Work For by Insurance Journal. This is a well-deserved award for a firm that not only goes above and beyond for its clients, but also for its employees. This recognition reflects Higginbotham’s core values of family, accountability, teammates and generosity.

Higginbotham has been a producer for Berkley Human Services since 2016. Senior Underwriter Rob Hofmann said, “Congratulations on being named 2019 Overall Best Independent Insurance Agency to Work For! This award affirms the fact that Higginbotham is committed to its employees as well as their clients. Through significant growth they have been able to maintain and support a culture where employees are rewarded for good work. Many of the employees consider the company to be part of their family. Higginbotham is deeply rooted in their community and routinely gives back by supporting local charities.”

Community Involvement

Being a positive corporate citizen is a key component to Higginbotham and they accomplish this through community involvement. Higginbotham’s employees contribute their time and money to local charities that are important to them. Employees volunteer their time and talents through serving as board members or trustee members of nonprofits in their respective cities, or through man-hours donated by each of their offices for coordinated volunteer activities like building with Habitat for Humanity or delivering with Meals on Wheels.

“Many of the employees consider the company to be part of their family. Higginbotham is deeply rooted in their community and routinely gives back by supporting local charities.”

Higginbotham Community Fund check to Hospice of W FallsCommitment to their communities does not end with volunteer hours. Employees also make contributions to the Higginbotham Community Fund. The fund is made from 100 percent employee pledges and donations and supports local nonprofits in all of Higginbotham’s markets. Since 2011, the Higginbotham Community Fund has granted over $2,227,675 to nonprofits and over $2,726,333 has been raised. Generous is not only one of Higginbotham’s core values, it is something they live and believe everyday through their employees’ generous donations of time, talent and money.

Higginbotham’s generosity has been proven, and to ensure they are maintaining their high level of core values and expectations, Higginbotham invests in their employees so everyone feels like family. With over 1,000 employees in Texas, Oklahoma and Georgia, Higginbotham establishes their core values with every potential new hire and merger to ensure they match in values and character. The time they spend verifying a fit before the investment is why Higginbotham was recognized by its employees and the Insurance Journal.

Congratulations Higginbotham! Berkley Human Services is proud to partner with a firm that invests in its employees.

Read the full Insurance Journal article.

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