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Berkley Human Services is passionate about serving those who serve others, and value the trust that we have earned from our many long term customers. The Nonprofit Highlights blog is dedicated to the mission and purpose of our partnering agencies and organizations. This month we are featuring the Fellowship Place Gala.

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Fellowship Place 60th Anniversary Gala

“Celebrating 60 years of building community.” From a grassroots, all volunteer social group for adults with mental illness to a full service agency with daily activities, the Fellowship Place has grown over the past 60 years. On February 27, 2020, Fellowship Place hosted its 60th Anniversary Gala to raise over $100,000 for its services. Berkley Human Services was excited to be a bronze sponsor of the event.Prez, Mary, Terri Ann at the Fellowship Place Gala

The Fellowship Place serves adults living with serious mental illness and provides men and women with a daily gathering place for day programming, homeless outreach, supported education, supported employment, and supported housing. Open seven days a week, Fellowship Place supports adults in New Haven with mental health illnesses, along with a variety of other issues including social isolation, poverty, unemployment, and homelessness. Berkley Human Services is proud to insure and highlight such an exceptional nonprofit.

“The event helped to educate guests about mental illness and the need to eliminate stigma.”

Berkley Human Services under the Bronze Sponsor at the Fellowship Place GalaMary Guerrera, Executive Director of Fellowship Place commented, “Fellowship Place was very grateful to include Berkley Human Services as a supporter of the agency’s 60th Anniversary Gala Fundraising event. The agency’s work would not be possible without our corporate partners. The Gala raised over $100,000, which will help bridge the gap between government funding and the true cost of operating our programs. Equally important, the event helped to educate guests about mental illness and the need to eliminate stigma.”

Representing Berkley Human Services at the Gala, Terri Ann Kane, Senior Production Underwriter, attended the event with People’s United Insurance Agency. Terri Ann said about the event, “It was an honor to help celebrate the Fellowship Place 60th Anniversary. The event was amazing and I am very impressed with the broad range of services and support the organization has given to adults living with mental illness, and the work they do to help eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness. Cheers to another 60 years and beyond!”

Berkley Human Services is excited to support and sponsor our insureds and the amazing work they do. We look forward to this and other opportunities to give back to our communities in the future.

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