Recognizing Higginbotham for their commitment to their community and their employees.

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Berkley Human Services is passionate about serving those who serve others, and value the trust that we have earned from our many long term customers. The Nonprofit Highlights blog is dedicated to the mission and purpose of our partnering agencies and organizations. This month we are featuring Higginbotham. Berkley Human Services would like to congratulate… Read more »

2019 Winter Preparedness

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It’s that time of year again. As the daylight gets shorter, it’s a reminder that winter is upon us. It’s also a reminder to take some precautionary measures to ensure your operation makes it through the winter season without suffering any of the common causes of loss. Ice and Snow Most of the country had… Read more »

Summer Facility Use

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Summer Facility Use Risk Control Berkley Human Services

For many of our nonprofit/human service program participants summer signals, not just a change of season, but a shifting of focus and an influx in the number of youth participants. With increased numbers, often comes the addition of seasonal and part-time program staff and volunteers, and organizations are faced with the challenge of managing the… Read more »

Fire Prevention

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Fire Protection Risk Control Berkley Human Services

Fire and life safety risks affect virtually every human services organization. The hazards and challenges related to such risks can be wide ranging and, consequently, can impact how your organization is evaluated from an insurance underwriting and loss control standpoint. How well does your organization assess its fire and life safety exposures, and address them… Read more »

Hot Work Program

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Hot Work Program

Many Berkley Human Services (BHS) Customers are often perplexed when Loss Control makes recommendations for implementing a Hot Work Program. “We don’t do any welding or use torches” is often the response. Why wouldn’t they object? Our customers are Human Services Organizations. They don’t use tools or equipment that generate heat, sparks, or flames. However,… Read more »

Authorized Driver MVR Policy

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MVR Policy Berkley Human Services

Click here to download this template Driver Authorization All organizations that use vehicles to conduct their business have significant exposure due to vehicle collisions that result in property damage and bodily injuries. Vehicle collisions remain the leading cause of on the job fatalities.1 Where non-profit organizations transport their consumers, the potential exposure is much greater…. Read more »

Defensive Driving & Auto Accident Investigation

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Auto Accident Investigation

Many steps can and should be taken proactively to prevent vehicle accidents from occurring within your nonprofit / human service organization, but reality reminds us that accidents are going to happen. That being said, one hallmark of an effective vehicle fleet & driver safety program is the ability to learn from past mistakes (or accidents)…. Read more »

Aquatic Safety

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Aquatic Safety Risk Control Berkley Human Services

A drowning is a truly devastating event. And after the fact, people usually ask, “How did this happen?” Unfortunately, the answer is often not a good one. Yet, drowning accidents continue to occur at rather alarming rates. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, over 3,500 fatal drowning accidents occurred in 2005, or… Read more »

Preparing for Winter’s Worst

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Preparing for Winter's Worst

Unpredictable winter weather can wreak havoc on your property. Winter storms can result in an assortment of operating challenges caused by frozen pipes, blackouts as well as snow and ice storms. The fall is an ideal time to prepare your property and protect it against serious damage and business disruption caused by the cold. Frozen… Read more »