A Three Step Approach to Cyber Securing Your Nonprofit

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Cyberattacks against small and mid-sized organizations are at unprecedented levels. The differences between large and smaller organizations are the size of the information technology security budget and the resources available. For nonprofit organizations, it can be even harder to secure information technology and personal information because budgets and resources are even tighter than small and… A Three Step Approach to Cyber Securing Your Nonprofit Read more »

The role of the actuary

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Gone are the days when a stereotypical view of an actuary, with their pocket protector and scientific calculator, is a fitting description. In fact, the need and value are so important, Berkley Human Services has a dedicated team of actuaries who help guide strategies and success. In today‚Äôs insurance companies you will find actuaries contributing… The role of the actuary Read more »

Sonoma County Human Race

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Berkley Human Services is passionate about serving those who serve others, and value the trust that we have earned from our many long term customers. The Nonprofit Highlights blog is dedicated to the mission and purpose of our partnering agencies and organizations. This month we are featuring the Sonoma County Human Race. Sonoma County Human… Sonoma County Human Race Read more »