Riverport Establishes Regional Underwriting Offices

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Berkley Human Services Claims Establishes Regional Underwriting Offices

Consistent with our strategy of building stronger local relationships and moving and increasing authority and expertise closer to our human service customers, Riverport has formally established and staffed three regional underwriting offices.   West¬†– The Petaluma, CA office will service the Pacific and other Western states.¬†This office will be managed by Danielle Miller. Phone #… Read more »

Pre-Employment Background and Reference Checks for Non-Profit Organizations

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Pre-Employment Background Checks for Non-Profits

Many non-profit organizations consider background and reference checks as an unnecessary burden. Because many non-profits are staffed by volunteers, some mistakenly think that these pre-employment checks can actually discourage people from wanting to join their organizations. Pre-employment checks should not discourage potential volunteers (unless the volunteers have something to hide). On the contrary, they can… Read more »